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What a live test for Morgan Stanley taught us about propositions and programmatic

Selling money is a simple proposition and you should keep it that way

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Why Lidl’s new loyalty scheme assumes too much

I’m really not sure that many customers would readily define themselves as a ‘Lidler’

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How a stupid rule will improve your response campaigns

If someone can get it wrong, they will

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There’s one big thing missing from the New Day

The one big thing missing is ‘must read’ stories on and about the new day

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What British Airways taught me about rich customers

Incentives turn interest into action

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Betraying a friend is one of the best things I’ve done

Whereas Amazon might know their customers, those mail order giants understood theirs.

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Why do financial brands treat us like children?

Is talking to us as if we were little kids really the best way to explain important stuff?

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How buzzwords are killing trust in our profession

Marketing is unpopular. And it’s our fault.

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Why marketing will keep Britain in the EU

It’s not so much that the ‘remainers’ need to come up with reasons to stay, more that the ‘outers’ have to put forward a powerful case for change.

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A new report sheds light on 2015’s big research fail

Don’t turn away yet. This is not about politics, but about marketing.

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Do you still believe creative work can save your product?

It’s a tiny, tiny number of online businesses that make it. There are 700 million websites worldwide and yet consumers rely on just a handful.

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Is the holiday brochure dead?

Everyone loves flicking through holiday brochures, don’t they?

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Blinded by technology, brands are failing to focus on effective creativity

Digital display is a primarily a response medium. And yet the creative work I see does not always recognise that….

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Vinegar on those chips, Sir?

We’re pleased to announce that we received a commendation for ‘Best Use of a Celebrity’ at this year’s tongue-in-cheek Chip Shop Awards.

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Why D&AD is wrong to create its ad blocker

The D&AD boasts it will help raise standards and inspire.

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It was copywriters wot won the election

With the fashionable shift to ‘engagement’, we are losing the skills of persuasive advertising.

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Why advertising has failed to win the election

One reason for the lack of a coherent narrative throughout the campaign is today’s marketers are fixated by engagement rather than persuasion.

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Why do brands kill off popular ideas?

If you can find something that people identify as yours, then that is very powerful.

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Why Starbucks got its fingers burned by racial politics

Baristas were insufficiently trained or qualified to handle such sensitive conversations.

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New research says consumers don’t want content. Why?

For any marketer or creative, the message is clear – think like the consumer.

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How tourism can overcome the fear of terrorism

Image in tourism it’s so important, people’s lives depend on it.

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Why the over 50s market does not exist

Who actually defines themselves by their age?

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HSBC’s tax scandal defines bank advertising for the next five years

Marketing and service have historically been a low priority.

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Is the Binky scandal at Barnado’ s the tip of an iceberg?

I have witnessed other charities behaving in a profligate manner.

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How digital is killing the loyalty card

Loyalty programmes became unwieldy millstones around marketers’ necks.

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Why Facebook at Work’s career may be short

It’s hard to gain credibility when you’re known for frivolity.

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Why the Twitter mob is making UK charities think again

Now everyone has a say, supporter or not.

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Why Tesco will pull out of Clubcard

Do they need the cumbersome machinery of a programme?

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Did Christmas kill the ‘credit card as brand’

For no online purchase does anyone need a credit card.

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